"The change in her is quite remarkable... my daughter has learnt how to be calm in any crisis, true to herself and brave enough to do whats right. I can’t recommend this course too highly. It’s an inspiration to watch my daughters self worth and happiness blossom."                                       //Charlotte Metcalf, Hammersmith
Power Brain Education -
We develop physical, emotional & cognitive health in young people and adults. Read More.
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Do you want to change your school environment and see your pupils healthy, happy and ready to take on any challenge?

For all teachers! This program will help you change your classrooms environment and create a joyful, collaborative, empowering experience that students wouldn't want to miss out on!

This workshop introduces educators to Brain Education for Enhanced Learning, a program designed to help students maximize their brain’s fullest capabilities. During this experiential workshop, participants are exposed to the basic fundamentals of Brain Education while learning how to incorporate this fun and revolutionary program into their classroom.


The BETW covers all 15 lessons of the basic curriculum. Every participant will receive a Teaching Manual . Once trained in the BETW, teachers are prepared and motivated to teach and incorporate the innovative 15-lesson basic BE programme in their classrooms. 


  • Teaches the basic 15 lessons of the Brain Education for Enhanced Learning programme.

  • Experiential activities to fully integrate participants’ learning

  • Exciting mix of physical, emotional and cognitive exercises

  • Built-in teaching practice to promote confident instruction

  • Reflective break-out discussion on classroom and school-wide program implementation

The workshop costs £295 per staff member or £500 for 2 teachers from the same school.

Three 20 minute school visits are included to support teachers in incorporating this program into the classroom environment.

This workshop is also suitable for parents or others interested in working with children and young adults.

28 - 29 APRIL, EPSOM, 1 Depot Road, KT17 4RJ.                                              PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS

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