Brain Education for


We offer group and private classes for children and families. See the table and descriptions below to find out whats already on offer near you.
Class Descriptions
Regular Class

Kids Class is a light version of the full PBE programme. It includes elements to improve physical, emotional and cognitive health through fun and challenging games and activities. All classes also include relaxation and energy meditation.

Free Trial Class

10 classes (non consecutive) £80

£10 drop in

Full Programme Class

​Our regular Brain Education for Health classes last approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the location and contain the following elements:

  • Brain Wave Vibration: by utilizing rhythmic movement, BWV promotes healthy brain waves and accesses the power of your brain stem to correct any physical, emotional or mental stress.

  • Meridian Stretching: promotes increased circulation of blood, oxygen and energy between your body and brain. Increases flexibility, balance and fitness.

  • Relaxation: helps release stress and tension and lowers your brain waves to improve concentration.

  • Vitality Breathing: helps restore balance to your body’s natural energy system; accumulating strength and energy in your body’s core promotes mental clarity and focus.

  • Brain Screen (Guided Visualization): improves imagination and awareness and strengthens the connection between your mind and body.


Brain Education for Enhanced Learning (BEEL) is our introductory children’s programme for students age 4-16.

This 10-14 session programme is designed to develop the “whole child” through hundreds of physical, emotional and cognitive exercises and activities. BEEL introduces the following components of healthy, happy and peaceful child development:


  • Physical Health

  • Good Nutrition

  • Brain and Body Awareness

  • Concentration, Focus and Memory

  • Brain Coordination and Integration

  • Stress Management and Relaxation

  • Emotional Regulation and Positive Attitude

  • Confidence and Self-efficacy

  • Imagination and Creativity

  • Goal Setting and Life Purpose

  • Global Consciousness

12 classes £320 -  plus several 1-1 check up sessions

Dahn Mu Do Class

​Dahn Mu Do - the art of being limitless.

Have no shame in your mind. Straighten your body and stand tall in the world.

Korean non combative martial arts class for teens.

DahnMuDo is an energy-based, non-combative, healing martial art, with roots dating back thousands of years into Korean history. In Korean, “Dahn” means energy. “Mu” means “martial,” or “limitless” and “Do (Tao)” means, “the way,” or, “the ultimate truth. DahnMuDo is therefore also known as “The Art of Being Limitless. Its mind-body training methods combine martial arts movements with universal energy principles to help practitioners circulate blood and energy through the body, and recover the natural balance and rhythm of the body and mind. Its goal lies in training the body and mind to become one.

8 classes £139

Family Class

​This fun class is designed to improve physical fitness, brain agility and develop the family bond through team activities and group meditation. Sweat, laugh and relax and come out feeling happier and more connected.


Warm Up Activities

Partner Stretches

Brain Games


Family Massage

£5 per person