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The following is feedback and research we have collected in the UK over the past year.

/// Charlotte Metcalf, Parent,Hammersmith

"My 12 year old daughter has one term of PBE with the remarkable Viera. She was being bullied in her first year of secondary school and was feeling unconfident and dispirited when she started PBE once a week. The change in her is quite remarkable. Viera works wonders - she has taught my daughter to be calm in any crisis, true to herself and brave enough to do what's right. I can't recommend this course too highly. It's an inspiration to watch my daughters self worth and happiness blossom, and the exercises are fun and easy to do together as mum and daughter."

"PBE is really fun and it's very peaceful. It makes me feel happy and it makes me feel excited. It helps me do new things every day and it helps me concentrate when I'm in class."

/// Jess, 9, Brighton

In September/October 2016 PBE UK conducted pilot studies in St Josephs Catholic Primary School in Brighton, West Sussex. Years 3 & 5 were given 3 x 45minute PBE sessions per week for 5 consecutive weeks. The students self reported on a variety of social/emotional topics addressed by the BE programme. Results are pictured to the right.

"PBE has helped me to lose weight and get more confidence. It also helped me with Sleeping Tiger exercise which has helped me be strong."

/// Bailey, 9, Brighton